About Me

My life is all new.  I got married, moved to Texas and got a new job.  I still have my old cat, though he’s only three.  I knit, I cook and garden.  Right now gardening is mostly on hold except for the little I do with house plants and pots on the veranda.  Knitting is how I maintain my calm.  Except when something doesn’t work.  Cooking is a passion shared with my husband, Mr. Pumpkin.  We usually cook together on the weekends.

I grew up in Maryland, just between Washington, DC and Annapolis, my career is, well…undefinable. I’ve done a lot of things, had a lot of jobs. The last was at the University of Maryland with the Department of Dining Services where I had a wonderful boss, fabulous coworkers and gained a ton of experience.  I spent 10 years after my Mother died in 2003 taking care of my Father and playing in the yard with plants.

And then Mr. Pumpkin came along and carried me away to Texas.  I was 46 when we married and I had quite despaired of ever finding a mate.  We met on line and dated for 2 years completely on line before we even realized we were dating. Once we met it was love at first sight even though I know I loved him long before that.

And now I live in Dallas. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

2018 Update

We bought a house in Old East Dallas. We really love it out here. There’s a park behind our house that is just lovely.