Bed Clothes

I don’t mean what you wear to bed. I mean what you put on your bed – the sheets, blankets, coverlets & quilts.

There was an article running around Facebook a few months ago with statistics about how often a specific group changed and washed their sheets. Four times a year?

Growing up I remember, dimly, that sheets were supposed to be changed weekly. Sort of. There were a lot of kids, 7, and so there were often theories that ran around but they weren’t always followed. I know the Queen of England has fresh sheets nightly. I love the fresh sheets nightly when I’m at a hotel. My favorite housekeeping book, Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson, recommends changing your sheets weekly and laundering them. I love to have multiple sheet sets just for that reason.

On laundry days, which is Monday right now, first thing I do is strip the bed, spritz it with Febreeze and let it dry. By the time the first load is finished I can use the bed to fold all the laundry. I like to leave the bed unmade all day. Airing it out kills any dust mites and keeps the mattress and pillows fresh. I can’t wait to have a back yard so I can air out my pillows in the sun. Hopefully once a year I’ll be able to haul my mattress outside to do the same.  The sun is the best disinfectant of all. It will also freshen the heck out of anything.

Because I have a cat, I’ve taken to layering an extra flat sheet on top of my blanket. My cats all have all four wheels (they are not declawed), their claws always catch on my blankets and make them unsightly. A top sheet over the blanket prevents that and keeps my blankets nice and smooth.

Speaking of blankets, I hated the blanket Mr. Pumpkin had when we married. It was an old hospital blanket and was too narrow for my liking. It barely went over the sides of the bed. While rooting around in the gift cards from our wedding (Thank you everyone!) to get a new quilt/comforter set, I found a Target gift card that I had missed earlier. I bought this blanket. I had a picture all planned for this post, but it refuses to load. GRRR. I got a king size since we plan on someday changing our bed from a queen to a king.


Anywho, the new blanket is warmer than the old one and comfortingly heavier. The combination of top sheet – blanket – top sheet is warm enough for most nights. I’ll take a picture and revisit the whole bed clothes/sheet changing thing when the new comforter/sham sets arrive.

What do you do with your bed/bed clothes/sheets/etc?