It’s Fall! Sort of…

leafevergreenFall in Texas seems to mean only slightly less hot weather than summer. I’m waiting for real sweater weather, the kind where I can layer again. I love layering.

Meanwhile, it feels like early September in Maryland here in mid October Texas. I don’t see any sign of the leaves turning, I honestly don’t know if they do here or what kinds of trees will have leaves fall.  I miss those leaves that turn from green, to greenish, to bright red, to bright orange, to bright yellow and then fall eventually turning brown.  I loved when the trees would turn from the top down instead of all at once.

I love Texas, even though it’s hotter than I like. We are due to get storms today, for which I’m glad.

I’ll also be glad when the pollen dies down and stops attacking me.

Now it’s time to go bother Mr. Pumpkin in his bath. He’s feeling very poorly today.