About Me

I cook, I garden, and I knit.

Cooking is a passion shared with my husband, Mr. Pumpkin.  We usually cook together on the weekends. We are both interested in making everything possible from scratch, including bread, pasta, and sauerkraut. Recipes will follow as we make them our own.

Gardening runs in my blood, my mother, her mother, and so on, all gardened.  I’ve introduced Mr. Pumpkin to the joys of a homegrown tomato warm from the garden. We are currently terracing our hill into raised bed plots for veggies. We plan on pickling, jarring, freezing, and canning as much as possible. I am most looking forward to pickling pea pods.

I began knitting 8 years ago seriously. About three years later, I bought my first skein of hand-dyed luxury yarn and fell in love. 20 pairs of socks, 10 sweaters, 30 hats, and 17 shawls later, I am a devoted knitter. About two years ago, I decided to dye my own yarns that I sell on Etsy at Hillview Yarns. Feel free to contact me about custom colors.

I grew up in Maryland, just between Washington, DC and Annapolis, my career is, well…undefinable. I’ve done a lot of things, had a lot of jobs. The last was at the University of Maryland with the Department of Dining Services where I had a wonderful boss, fabulous co-workers and gained a ton of experience.

My Mom passed away in 2003, for 10 years after that I lived in my childhood home, taking care of my Father.  And then Mr. Pumpkin came along and carried me away to Texas.  We met online and dated for 2 years completely online before we even realized we were dating. Love at first sight isn’t really what happened, it’s more as though love blossomed and matured quickly once we met in person.

We are currently working on updating our house in East Dallas. Our house was a rental that was neglected a bit. Amazingly, all the best bits of the original house remained throughout all the owners and renters. There is a LOT of dirt painted into the woodwork. We are slowly renovating, freshening, and altering our little home.

I hope you will join me for more of our story.