For My Father

This was the eulogy for my father written by my brother. In the early part of the 20th century a Peruvian sailor makes port in Europe and takes a wife from German soil. On 9 March 1929, in the City of New York, a boy is born to the unlikely couple and imprints upon an empty canvas a name, Frederick Herman Saavedra. That canvas will be his life. Soon after, the Great Depression arrives, her husband at sea, the mother Continue Reading ››

Frederick Hermann Saavedra

Frederick Hermann Saavedra was a man who loved his family, church, and God. He passed away on August 14, 2019, surrounded by his beloved family. Born March 9, 1929, to Hermine Scheel and Federico Saavedra in New York City, his parents soon moved to Bremerhaven, Germany to be closer to his mother’s extended family. He always expressed fond memories of his time in Germany with his Opa Scheel.  The family fled Germany in 1935, returning to New York City, where Continue Reading ››

Summer in Texas

We’ve got two of the main vegetable beds in, and the supplies for another. Our plans are for four more beds on the hill, plus another long bed along the back fence. Adding a bed a year seems doable. Bed the First has tomatoes, tomatillos, serranos, and jalapenos. Bed the Second has lettuce, radishes, kale, and parsley. There is a large dill at one end, but it’s currently under assault by monarch caterpillars, so I don’t expect it to survive. Continue Reading ››

My Garden, Such as It Is

When we bought our house a few years ago, the yard had been sadly neglected for decades. The bushes in the front yard had spindly branches and thick trunks. They were all also ugly. Really ugly. We have been slowly ripping them out of the ground and replacing them with better and prettier plants. There were no roses. None of the shrubs had flowers of any worth. One side was all Nandina, which is a terrible and invasive plant, though it Continue Reading ››

All My Photos are Crappy

I’ve got an iPhone 7. It’s the easiest thing to take pictures with it. They aren’t the best photos. If this bothers you, look away. If I waited for perfect pictures to post on my blog I would….not post. Like I didn’t from 2015 – today. So crappy cell phone pictures. Below is a picture I took with my great camera. It’s a picture of Keria from my father’s yard in Maryland. That yard is currently covered in snow. I Continue Reading ››

Egon and Gozer

When I married Mr. Pumpkin, I brought my kitteh, Egon, with me. He traveled down from Maryland in a cat carrier in the car. He didn’t like it much, but he was a trooper the whole way, occasionally venturing out to sit on my lap or Mr. Pumpkin’s lap. When we stopped for meals, we left water for him, and a little food, on the floorboards. The one night we stayed in a hotel that was rather methy. Someday I Continue Reading ››

The Post Wherein I Begin Again

The best-laid plans of mice and lady bloggers… We’ve been in our house for a little while. Two whole rooms painted. In two years. Also, they are the smallest rooms in the house. We are achievers! This is about to change. We are gearing up for a season of fixing, painting, and gardening. There will also be cooking, knitting, dyeing of yarn, and cats.