Bath – Part 1


I love having tons of washcloths available. The ones on the left are just white washcloths from Target. I keep them in this box, also from Target. Storing them upright seems to keep them fluffy. The cloth on the right is a shaving cloth for Mr. Pumpkin. It’s twice as long and slightly narrower. It fits better on your face than a regular square washcloth.


This is my soap collection from Goatboy Soap. In the foreground is one of the little soaps left over from our wedding. I might never use it. Behind is is the stack of soaps waiting their turn in our shower. Behind these is the Sake Kasu Facial Soap from Goatboy. The soap lathers up into an incredibly rich and creamy mass of bubbles. It leaves my face soft, which makes me happy.

My friend, Lisa, makes all this soap from the milk from her little herd of goats.