Summer in Texas

We’ve got two of the main vegetable beds in, and the supplies for another. Our plans are for four more beds on the hill, plus another long bed along the back fence. Adding a bed a year seems doable. Bed the First has tomatoes, tomatillos, serranos, and jalapenos. Bed the Second has lettuce, radishes, kale, and parsley. There is a large dill at one end, but it’s currently under assault by monarch caterpillars, so I don’t expect it to survive. Continue Reading ››

My Garden, Such as It Is

When we bought our house a few years ago, the yard had been sadly neglected for decades. The bushes in the front yard had spindly branches and thick trunks. They were all also ugly. Really ugly. We have been slowly ripping them out of the ground and replacing them with better and prettier plants. There were no roses. None of the shrubs had flowers of any worth. One side was all Nandina, which is a terrible and invasive plant, though it Continue Reading ››

Random Flowers – Muscari

I know, I know, it’s about to be fall and these flowers bloom in the spring.  But Muscari have to be planted in the fall and by spring it’s too late to add these to your garden.  Plant them.  Plant them soon! These are from my garden in Maryland.  I’d plant hundreds of them if I could.  When I can plant in a yard again I will.  When I was a little girl playing with my dolls these flowers always Continue Reading ››