All My Photos are Crappy

I’ve got an iPhone 7. It’s the easiest thing to take pictures with it. They aren’t the best photos. If this bothers you, look away. If I waited for perfect pictures to post on my blog I would….not post. Like I didn’t from 2015 – today. So crappy cell phone pictures. Below is a picture I took with my great camera. It’s a picture of Keria from my father’s yard in Maryland. That yard is currently covered in snow. I Continue Reading ››

It’s Fall! Sort of…

Fall in Texas seems to mean only slightly less hot weather than summer. I’m waiting for real sweater weather, the kind where I can layer again. I love layering. Meanwhile, it feels like early September in Maryland here in mid October Texas. I don’t see any sign of the leaves turning, I honestly don’t know if they do here or what kinds of trees will have leaves fall.  I miss those leaves that turn from green, to greenish, to bright Continue Reading ››

First Things

New blog alert! New blog alert! I used to blog under another header, but it’s been so long since I really worked at it, I just got married and I moved to a whole nother state, so I thought it best to start over.  Welcome to my new venture. I live in an apartment in Dallas with my husband, Mr. Pumpkin and my cat Egon.  We’ve got a small front porch and a slightly larger second floor veranda.  We plan Continue Reading ››