Bath – Part 1

I love having tons of washcloths available. The ones on the left are just white washcloths from Target. I keep them in this box, also from Target. Storing them upright seems to keep them fluffy. The cloth on the right is a shaving cloth for Mr. Pumpkin. It’s twice as long and slightly narrower. It fits better on your face than a regular square washcloth. This is my soap collection from Goatboy Soap. In the foreground is one of the Continue Reading ››

Bed Clothes

I don’t mean what you wear to bed. I mean what you put on your bed – the sheets, blankets, coverlets & quilts. There was an article running around Facebook a few months ago with statistics about how often a specific group changed and washed their sheets.¬†Four times a year? Growing up I remember, dimly, that sheets were supposed to be changed weekly. Sort of. There were a lot of kids, 7, and so there were often theories that ran Continue Reading ››