Egon and Gozer

When I married Mr. Pumpkin, I brought my kitteh, Egon, with me. He traveled down from Maryland in a cat carrier in the car. He didn’t like it much, but he was a trooper the whole way, occasionally venturing out to sit on my lap or Mr. Pumpkin’s lap. When we stopped for meals, we left water for him, and a little food, on the floorboards. The one night we stayed in a hotel that was rather methy.

Egon Travels to Texas

Egon Travels to Texas

Someday I will learn to crop.

e and mr p
Egon and Mr. Pumpkin got along very well, Egon often sitting on Mr. Pumpkin’s lap while Mr. Pumpkin read who ever was wrong on the internet that night. They enjoyed each other very much. However, Egon and I are still very much attached, he is my Booboo.
Me and Egon

Egon did have something missing, and that was a feline friend. When I fetched Egon from the PetSmart, we tried to get another cat, but there weren’t any good matches. For a long time it was just Egon and me. But after I got married, and then when we got a house and were gone at work all day, Egon seemed lonely. He would pine after my neighbor’s cat, who occasionally put in an appearance in the kitchen window. Finally, Mr. Pumpkin told me it was time to get a friend for Egon.

One Saturday shortly thereafter, we drove to the PetSmart to find another kitteh. As I walked into the store and looked over at the cat cells, there was a little black cat looking right at me. She was yelling. AT ME.

We went over to play with all the cats, but it was clear that she really was the one for us. We took her home right then. One the way home we talked about what to name her. Egon was named after Egon Spengler, a Ghostbuster. We thought we should stick to the movie for names. We considered Janine, Annie Potts character. We kept coming back to Gozer the Gozarian. So Gozer it was.

Like idiots, we had chosen the form of our destructor.

We let Egon outside, his favorite thing ever. Until SHE was inside without him.

Back then, Gozer was skinny.

Egon and Gozer have come to an understanding, Egon beats the stuffing out of her occasionally while Gozer returns the favor. They are, two years later, starting to groom each other. Gozer has gained some weight, she is now a bit rotund.

I’ve never met a cat more grateful to have been adopted than Gozer, not even Egon. She is really affectionate, loving even. She’s still a bit destructive and opens cabinets all over the house in what we assume is an effort to find Narnia.

For now, we are full.
e and g