First Things

New blog alert! New blog alert!

I used to blog under another header, but it’s been so long since I really worked at it, I just got married and I moved to a whole nother state, so I thought it best to start over.  Welcome to my new venture.

I live in an apartment in Dallas with my husband, Mr. Pumpkin and my cat Egon.  We’ve got a small front porch and a slightly larger second floor veranda.  We plan on growing lots of things out there, but shade, water and heat are slowing things down.  Add to that, I’m totally new to Dallas and Texas.  I’ve grown all sorts of things in Maryland, but the heat of Texas is totally outside my ken.  So, we will see what I can kill and what I can help thrive.

More on that apartment – we’ve got an apartment kitchen.  Cooking in a small space on an electric stove won’t be super pretty or sexy.  It will be dang delicious.  We’ve been making some very fun progress on finding our own cuisine.  I plan on using ALL the wedding presents to make things and I’ll post all about it.

Except the sheets.  I’m not posting about that.

And knitting.  I started knitting again a few years ago and then someone introduced me to Ravelry and good googlie! I knit now.  As in actual things!!! I’ve made SOCKS!! Two socks! Two PAIR of socks!  And they even fit the people they were meant for, as socking as that is.  So there will be knitting and yarn.

And the occasional give away.

I expect the look to change as I work on this, but God willing, I’ll be posting regularly.

Thanks for reading.