French Onion Soup

IMG_4902Sunday afternoon was cold. Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.


So Mr. Pumpkin suggested French Onion Soup. I agreed. On the way home from church we stopped to pick up the few things we needed and then Bob’s your Uncle and we are starting soup.

Mr. Pumpkin did most of the work. Which starts with peeling and slicing up enough onions to make our apartment a danger zone.

So he chopped and chopped and chopped. We ended up with a bowl full of yummy onions.

(Sorry for the badly lit pictures, but like I said earlier – it’s an apartment and lighting is interesting on the best of days. This is sexy in a small apartment kitchen. I’m sure as we go along I’ll get better at it.)

Once the onions are chopped, then they head into the electric skillet to do that caramelization thing.



We let it caramelize more after this, it looks burnt but it isn’t. It’s deep, dark wonderful.

Then you add the liquid stuff. Broth, consume and apple cider, and the herbs, let it cook, reduce and become amazing. (Recipe is here, courtesy of Alton Brown.)

Ad some yummy brandy or cognac and then you get to work on the other stuff. Toast the bread, grate the cheese, we prefer gruyere. Get yourself a crock, spoon in the soup – which is more like warm onion gloop at this point, which I mean in a good way – tuck the toast in on top, add the cheese and toast that up until the cheese is warm and bubbly.

And then you eat it.


And then it’s yummy deliciousness.