Gaining Skills

The thing about a craft is that you have to learn. You could just keep doing that same bit you do, the one you know. Or you can expand your skill set and your knowledge.

For years all I knew how to do was knit long rectangles. I made horrible scarves. Absolutely terrible things out of horrible yarn. It was fun, but I realized at some point that I had no real skills as a knitter. I FINALLY learned that I was casting off incorrectly. It was horrible.

Then a dear friend showed me how to make a hat. I made terrible hats at first. Some too small, some too big. Terrible. That same dear friend taught me how to cable and how to knit a sock. Really quick lessons, but it was invaluable to sit with someone as they showed me how to do a thing.

I got better. I gained skills. Now I’ve made sweaters. As in more than one. I have made some very fun hats. I’ve got plans for afghans. Shawls. Lace. Fun stuff.

I just don’t know enough to make me happy. I need to know more. There are classes at conventions like Vogue Knitting Live! There’s just no way I can get to one of those right now. Maybe in a few years it will be in Dallas. I have taken a class in sweater making from a now closed shop in Maryland and a sock class here in Dallas. I want to learn from people like Ysolda Teague.

Soon, I’ll be better than I am now. Soon.