His Golden Lair of Butter Yellow

His Golden Lair is a lovely Hobbit inspired pattern by Kourtney Robinson. She offered it for free earlier in the year and I snapped it up. This is her description:

I read the Hobbit as a child, and I clearly remember the cover illustration. Smaug (the dragon) was coiled about his gold and he had one eye slitted open. This shawl is inspired by that image – the cabled stitches form both stacks of coins and represent that narrowed eye. They transition into scales, and the edges and overall shape represent his wings, spread wide and darkening the sky. This is a more complex knit; the eyelet cables and patterning on every row couple with the rates of increase to create a shawl that is very balanced when complete, but not exactly predictable while knitting. But as with many quests, the treasure is worth the effort!

I’m making mine out of some delicious buttery Lemon Drop Aran Silky Merino from Sundara Yarns. I cast on yesterday.

photo (4)


There is a whole genre of Tolkien themed knitting patterns. I’ve got plans for a few more. I will be wearing this to the last of the Tolkien movies when it comes out next Christmas.

These Smaug socks are the next pair I’ll knit for Mr. Pumpkin in a rich golden color called, of all things, Incan Gold. I’ll show you when I do it.

Next up – a Dr. Who scarf. 😀