I am a terrible blogger

Sorry, dear blog. I stink at blogging right now.

Knitting continues.

photo 1

This is Mr. Pumpkin’s new vest made from more Sundara yarn. This was DK Merino the 2nd in Lichen over Slate. Yummy yarn that is, sadly, no longer available. I got it from a knitting friend who wasn’t going to use it.

I made this same vest two years ago for my Dad. I’ve learned so much since then. I didn’t understand why the armholes were weird, now I know what “bind off in pattern” means. You can see in this picture how the armhole bind offs stand stiffly off the vest. That’s because I knit every stitch as I bound off instead of doing the bind off in pattern, ie: If it’s a knit stitch then knit it in binding off, if it’s a purl stitch then purl it in bind off. DUH! Well now I know.

Eventually, I’ll take good pictures of some of the projects I’ve done. It’s hard to get a good picture in my apartment and I’m just not up for packing everything up and running over to the park. Having a pretty backyard in Maryland made taking pictures a lot easier. Soon this will change. But for now, my picture taking mojo is gone.

We’ve been cooking, but again, photos. I like to think we’ve perfected steak. And roasted chicken.

I’ll try to be better. But for now – VESTS! When the weather cools off I’ll get a good picture of Mr. Pumpkin in his snappy new vest.