Mr. Pumpkin says, “Red grease is the tastiest grease.”

What to do for dinner? I dunno, says I at 3:30. I dunno.

I’ve got one chicken breast, some tortillas and some cheese… I know! Chicken Tacos. We love tacos. I’ve even got a packet of Tacos El Pastor from McCormick, that most Mexican of spice companies. To be fair I did pick it up at the Fiesta Mart.

I sliced up a shallot, crushed and chopped some garlic, grated some quesadilla cheese (seriously, that’s what it’s called) and sliced the chicken breast up really super thin. I threw the chicken and the packet of seasonings…well, the seasonings in the packet, into a bowl with some oil and white vinegar, stirred it around and let it sit for a bit.

As an aside, Mr. Pumpkin may or may not be hungry when he gets home. I never know, he’s unpredictible like that. I wait dinner for his need to eat since there’s no point in trying to make him eat sooner than when he’s ready. He just won’t. It’s not a stubbornness thing, he doesn’t/won’t/can’t eat when he’s not hungry, why would I want to force that. It depends on when he gets lunch and I’m fine waiting. I will get the dinner prep done right up to the final heating/assembly.  This dish is PERFECT for this aspect of our schedule.  Everything can be done and then we we are ready for dinner it’s done in 10 minutes.

Back to the tacos.

IMG_1657By the time I was done with the chicken, I decided I wanted to do something different. Stacked enchiladas is what I wanted. So I set the oven to broil and lined a sheet pan with parchment paper. I fried the corn tortillas in a frying pan that was just wiped with oil until they were toasty. Then I stacked the enchiladas thusly: tortilla, chicken and sauce, cheese, tortilla, chicken and sauce, cheese. Into the oven they went to broil and three minutes later I smelled the paper so I turned the broiler off and the bake setting on to 300 and they stayed in there for a bit longer so I could get the table ready.

This is what the stacked enchiladas looked like before we ate them.

IMG_1659And then when we were done and our plates looked like this next picture, Mr. Pumpkin says, “Red grease is always the tastiest grease!”  This recipe really was perfect for just the two of us, filling but not at all to bursting AND no leftovers. Which is a good and a bad thing, but generally I try for no leftovers.
Easy Stacked Enchiladas is a recipe I’d make again and again.  Of course, it’s not really much of a recipe.  More a strong suggestion.

Eat it. It’s good. And easy!

*Note – don’t try this without the parchment paper. You have to get the stack off the pan. That won’t happen easily even if you spray the pan. With parchment paper there is no sticking and even more betterer – barely any clean-up. You just toss the paper when you’re done and lightly wash the sheet. Promise.