My Garden, Such as It Is

When we bought our house a few years ago, the yard had been sadly neglected for decades. The bushes in the front yard had spindly branches and thick trunks. They were all also ugly. Really ugly.

We have been slowly ripping them out of the ground and replacing them with better and prettier plants. There were no roses. None of the shrubs had flowers of any worth. One side was all Nandina, which is a terrible and invasive plant, though it does grow. Effortlessly. Everywhere. Horrible. I don’t even know what some of the plants we’ve worked so hard to kill were, I just knew I hated them. Terrible looking, horrible. Shrubs to make me cry.

One of the things I did when we bought our house was to really pay attention to the home gardens in the rest of Dallas. My commute takes me through some of the loveliest and most expensive parts of residential Dallas, Highland Park to be more precise. Some of them are unimaginative and boring, one plant type repeated dozens of times around the yard. I know these people pay for garden services, I see the trucks and the workers unloading flat after flat of all blue pansies, or whatever solitary color and genus they are shoving in the ground in front of the ever-present hollies. There are other gardens that have captured my imagination, filled with variety and splendor. I have stopped to take pictures. They aren’t mine so I won’t be sharing them. But oh these gardens! Hollyhocks, digitalis, clematis, iris, roses, hydrangeas, all mixed with grasses and bushes. I was so happy to see the good gardens, really happy to see the Black-eyed Susans, which remind me of Maryland.

In the two full years we’ve lived here, I’ve planted lots of flowers, five roses, four hydrangeas, two clematis, as well as a bunch of perennials mostly in the front yard, and a little bit in the back. I’ve got a climbing rose for my back fence that I hope will cover it in glorious pink blooms in a few years.

We’ve dug in an herb bed, a vegetable bed, and just two weeks ago, a bed of asparagus. Just asparagus. Oh. MY! The dandelion is going to be replaced with lavender thyme. For now, it will feed the local bees.

They are now almost hip high, much higher than they were when I took this picture last week.

I’ll be including pictures in future posts. I need to push publish.