A Tale of Three Hats

  I’ve been knitting hats for awhile. It seems that knitting hats is what I do in December.   First, I knit a hat for my Dad. He had picked out a color sometime last year, I bought the yarn and then never got around to it. Something about getting married and moving to Dallas got in the way. Anyway, it ended up being the perfect travel project. Yards and yards of stockinette are exactly what I needed for the Continue Reading ››

The Problem With Blogging About Knitting…

The problem with blogging about knitting is that you aren’t knitting when you’re blogging.  So, which falls by the wayside? Blogging. I’ve got limited time to knit or blog, like everyone else.  I need to temper my knitting to include blogging about knitting. To the left is a sweater I’m working on for my niece, Brianna.  It’s a pattern called Boxy by designer Joji Locatelli.  It’s a wonderful piece.  It’s also an oversized sweater knit in fingering weight yarn.  That’s Continue Reading ››