I am a terrible blogger

Sorry, dear blog. I stink at blogging right now. Knitting continues. This is Mr. Pumpkin’s new vest made from more Sundara yarn. This was DK Merino the 2nd in Lichen over Slate. Yummy yarn that is, sadly, no longer available. I got it from a knitting friend who wasn’t going to use it. I made this same vest two years ago for my Dad. I’ve learned so much since then. I didn’t understand why the armholes were weird, now I Continue Reading ››

Mr. Pumpkin’s Delicious Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was Mr. Pumpkin’s birthday.  (Mr. Pumpkin is my husband.) I did a bit of grocery shopping on Wednesday and then asked him what he would like for his birthday dinner.  In a bit of hilarity, he named exactly the dinner I had planned for Wednesday night.  So I made eggs and sausage for Wednesday instead, because breakfast is always yummy. Fiesta Mart here in Dallas has great deals on certain cuts of meat, fajita being one of the best. Continue Reading ››