The Problem With Blogging About Knitting…

Brianna's Boxy

Brianna’s Boxy

The problem with blogging about knitting is that you aren’t knitting when you’re blogging.  So, which falls by the wayside? Blogging. I’ve got limited time to knit or blog, like everyone else.  I need to temper my knitting to include blogging about knitting.

To the left is a sweater I’m working on for my niece, Brianna.  It’s a pattern called Boxy by designer Joji Locatelli.  It’s a wonderful piece.  It’s also an oversized sweater knit in fingering weight yarn.  That’s sock weight.  The thin stuff just this side of thread and lace weight.

So, it takes a fair amount of dedicated time knitting just to get an inch done.  Which is a joy when working with gorgeous yarn, but you can’t type and knit at the same time.

Here is what it will look like when it’s done:

Joji Locatelli in her Boxy.

It’s gorgeous and stylish, and soon I’ll be knitting one for myself. However, the expanse of stockinette stitch is expansive. You can’t get a sweater done by blogging about it.

I’m using Cephalopod Yarns’ Skinny Bugga in the Jade Turbo Snail colorway.  It’s gorgeous, the perfect fall color, greens and browns all mixed up into lovely.

Hopefully, I’ll finish the front piece this week.  I joined Joji’s KAL (knit along) for fall. It’s a Ravelry thing, you know, choose a yarn, choose a pattern and work together.  The KAL’s help get projects done, plus it’s very helpful for a bunch of people to work on the same pattern at the same time. I can ask questions.

So, there is the tale of lack of blogging.  I will try to be better.